Driver's Education for Credit

Nampa School District

Drivers Ed for Credit



The Nampa School District now offers Drivers Ed as a one credit course. The following steps MUST BE

COMPLETED in order to qualify for this course:

  1. Student must obtain an Instruction Permit Number from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
  2. Student must register for a Nampa School District Drivers Ed course through Phillips Driving School. No other course will be eligible for funding and credit.
  3. Student must utilize Fast Forward (Advanced Opportunities) funding to pay for a portion of the course.


It is critical that all steps are completed in the above order. If any step is not completed, the student is not fully registered, may not receive credit and may have to pay the full price of $275 to Phillips Driving School.


If you pre-pay Phillips there is no reimbursement option.


Register for Drivers Ed – Phillips Driving School


Visit to register for a Nampa School District class.


Class session runs for four weeks. Driving appointments vary.  Appointments are on Phillips Driving School’s website.


Students approved to use Fast Forward funds will pay $50 in cash to Phillips Driving School before attending the class.




  • Students must attend all classes and drives.
  • Idaho State regulations do not allow for prearranged absences. Students who miss class or driving due to an illness

or another emergency will need to make arrangements for a make-up session with their class or driving instructor.

  • Each student will receive a minimum of 30 hours of class time, six hours of driving time and six hours of observation.


Obtain an Instruction Permit – Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)


Per Idaho law, a permit is required to take Drivers Ed. The student must be at least 14.5 years old. The student

will not have to take any tests at the DMV to secure their permit.

Parent and student are required to bring the following to the DMV:


Verification of Compliance (VOC) Form/Letter – Request this form from your school.VOC QR Code

The VOC must be dated within the last 60 days when you take it to the DMV.

Parents of homeschooled students will sign an affidavit at the DMV.


State Certified Birth Certificate – originals only, photocopies are not accepted.


Qualifying Photo – student activity card, yearbook photo or state-issued identification card.


Parent or Legal Guardian’s ID – guardian must provide court-ordered guardianship documents or Power of Attorney

document acceptable per requirements of the Idaho Transportation Department.


Advise the DMV that your student will take Drivers Ed at Phillips Driving School.


The DMV will mail the Instruction Permit to Phillips Driving School. Upon completion of the course work and the driving

instruction, the permit will be given to the student, so they are able to start driving with their parent or guardian.