Advanced Opportunities

***FAQS Document Located at the Bottom of this Page***
All students have access to $4,125 to use for:
  • Driver's Education through Phillips Driving School
  • Dual Credit Classes
    • Dual Credit Teachers will go over the two part process (credit application/funding request) in class.
    • If it is the beginning of the term and you are changing your CHS schedule please contact your guidance counselor Click Here
  • Overload Classes
  • Some Exams including AP tests
    • Does not cover PSAT (Juniors)/ACT/SAT 
*Please Note: Students are responsible for applying for credit and funding by all deadlines to ensure credit and funding.
1.  Apply for Dual Credit
***Important: Students make sure you are on the teacher's college roster, as if you are not registered you won't get the college credit!***
  • CSI Dual Credit Rep: Jarred Aslett, (208) 933-2321,
  • Please see your dual credit teacher for instructions for on-line applications and links
2. Apply for Funding on the Student Portal for:
  • Dual Credit
  • Overload Classes
  • AP exams
Fall Semester: August 26, 2019-Sept. 27, 2019
Spring Semester: January 6, 2020-February 21, 2020
***Time may be needed to fix account issues prior to Sept. 27 (Fall) or Feb. 21 (spring) so please don't wait to apply!
  • Click  "Previous Course Applications" on the Portal to:
    • Verify your request has been made
    • Check current status of payment.
      • Please allow at least 6-8 weeks past the portal deadline for payments to be processed by the state
    • Make sure you also have the below Participation Form on file in the Counseling Center with Mrs. Carson. 
      • Without the Participation Form on-file your funding will be denied and you will receive a bill from the college.
 Course Transfer Information: 
*Information on how to send a College Transcript (Dual Credit) to the College you will be attending  CLICK HERE