High School Transcript
  • If you are in need of an official/unofficial high school transcript please request a transcript here.
  • High School Transcripts DO NOT include Dual Credit (College Credit)
  • Seniors:  
    • Send a transcript when you first apply to a college
    • A final transcript after grades have posted after graduation
Official College Transcript (Dual Credit)
  • You will send a transcript on-line from the college you took the Dual Credit from to the college you will be attending.
    • Do this before registering for college classes (if possible)
    • The dual credit class may be a pre-requisite to you registering for a college class you need to show proof of taking through a transcript.
  • Go on-line to make a transcript request on the College's website (Google the college you took the class from and transcript.  Ex. "CWI and transcript") 
    • There will be a small fee