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Issues with your College Board Act (logging in or getting scores?)
  • Call College Board with your device open and ready and they will help over the phone.  1-866-630-9305.
Columbia College Code:  130438
  • Use this code when registering yourself on-line for taking the SAT or ACT on a Saturday
All Juniors will take the exam in April 9, 2019 (Date TBA)
*Essay will not be offered and is not required by most colleges/ Check College Website
  • It is REQUIRED of all students to take either the SAT or ACT for graduation (no score required)
    • An alternative assessment may be offered to those on Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
  • If a Junior does not take it on the scheduled April date he/she must register on-line to take it on a Saturday (fees required).
    • Seniors are not allowed to test in April
  • Please let Ms. Talbott know if special circumstances come up.
  • If you have any issues with your College Board account call College Board directly: 866-375-6068 (See Ms. Talbott if you need help with calling)
  • It is highly advised to take both the SAT and ACT
    • Students may do better on one test over the other
SAT/ACT/PSAT Fee Waivers:
If your family is on government assistance or qualifies for financial need please see Ms. Talbott regarding possible fee waivers

What will my SAT scores (taken April of junior year) be used for?

  • College Admission to four year institutions
  • College Math and English Placement
  • Scholarships (Look on the college website or contact the college for more information)
  • Great scores + Great Grades= Great Scholarships
PSAT/SAT/ACT Practice Websites
(Click on links)
  • Offers ACT practice questions
  • Offers a full length practice SAT 
  • Short videos explain math and reading concepts
  • On the Website Click on "Register Now"
  • Offers both SAT and ACT practice tests
  • Click on "register" in the upper right hand corner to create an account
  • The website contains games and flashcards to help you prepare
  • There are also 7 full length practice tests
SAT Subject Tests
Sometimes required by more prestigious institutions 
  • Check the college website and make contact with the college
  • Not required by Idaho Institutions
 PSAT: Taken in Oct. by all Sophomores and by Juniors (who pay and volunteer to take it)
To Access PSAT Scores CLICK HERE

When will my PSAT scores be available?

  • Starting Wed., Dec. 12th you can access your scores on-line (Under PSAT/NMSQT NOT PSAT 10)
    • You will get an e-mail from College Board with an access code and instructions on how to create a College Board account to access your on-line scores.
    • Keep a record of your username and password you create
    • You will definitely need your log-in information next year to access your SAT score
      • If you have account issues next year because of lost info. you will need to call College Board as College Board is in charge of your account (See Ms. Talbott if you need help,, Room B104, Career Center)


What does my score indicate?

  • PSAT perfect score= 1520 (760, Math; 760, EBRW/Evidence Based Reading and Writing)
    • 75th percentile scores (meaning you scored 75% higher than other sophomores)
    • 50th percentile, means you scored higher than half of the test takers
  • Remember as a sophomore this is a practice test!
    • The PSAT is a junior level test, so as a sophomore there may have been material on it you have not had before, so scores are usually lower the sophomore year.
    • Typically a good PSAT score for a junior is a composite 1150, an OK score is 1000, and an excellent score anything about 1280, so this is something to strive for in taking the test as a junior.