Issues with your College Board Act (logging in or getting scores?)
  • Call College Board with your device open and ready and they will help over the phone.  1-866-756-7346.
Columbia College Code:  130438
  • Use this code when registering yourself on-line for taking the SAT or ACT on a Saturday
***The SAT has been moved to April 28, 2020 for all Juniors***
  • It is REQUIRED of all students to take either the SAT or ACT for graduation
    • An alternative assessment may be offered to those on Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
  • If a Junior does not take it on the scheduled April date he/she must register on-line to take it on a Saturday (College Board fees apply on Saturday test dates).
    • Please let Ms. Talbott know if you have are out sick with medical documentation/special circumstances come up
  • It is highly advised to take both the SAT and ACT
    • Students may do better on one test over the other
SAT/ACT/PSAT Fee Waivers:
If your family is on government assistance or qualifies for financial need please see Ms. Talbott regarding possible fee waivers

What will my SAT/ACT scores be used for?

  • College Admission to four year institutions
  • College Math and English Placement
  • Scholarships (Look on the college website or contact the college for more information)
    • Great scores + Great Grades= Great Scholarships
  • Required for High School Graduation!
PSAT/SAT/ACT Practice Websites
(Click on links)
  • Offers ACT practice questions
  • Offers a full length practice SAT 
  • Short videos explain math and reading concepts
  • On the Website Click on "Register Now"
  • Offers both SAT and ACT practice tests
  • Click on "register" in the upper right hand corner to create an account
  • The website contains games and flashcards to help you prepare
  • There are also 7 full length practice tests
SAT Subject Tests
Sometimes required by more prestigious institutions 
  • Check the college website and make contact with the college
  • Not required by Idaho Institutions
PSAT/NSMQT: Taken in Oct. by all Sophomores and by Juniors (who pay and volunteer to take it)
To Access PSAT Scores CLICK HERE