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Popular Scholarship Websites (Click below for links for thousands of scholarships)
Other Resources
    • Start a scholarship list of deadlines so you can organize/prioritize your time
      • See sample form to do so at the bottom of this page
        • Hit "Enable Editing" to save it and use it live on your device
    • Apply for as many scholarships you qualify for that you can find
  • Check the front whiteboard inside the Career Center
  • Check College Websites (Colleges have their own scholarships)
  • Meet with College Reps
  • Visit College Campuses/College Financial Aid Advisers
  • Check with parent employer as sometimes employers offer scholarships 
  • Tips for Writing Scholarship Essays (Click Here)
Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Program
  • WUE Website (Click Here)
    • 16 US Western States and Territories Participate (160 2 and 4 year schools participate/see info. on website)
    • Huge reduction in tuition!  Avoid the high out of state costs.
    • A lot of the colleges base getting into the program using Test Scores and GPA, but check with your college to see what the requirements are for utilizing the program.
Misc. Scholarship List (Month listed is typical deadline annually)
  • Check Deadlines for Most Updated Specific Dates/Info. on Websites!
  • As scholarships come in new they will be highlighted in a different color when listed and marked NEW
 ***Click on Scholarship Name for Link to Website/Additional Info.***