Columbia High School Attendance Keys

Attendance Focus 


*CHS Goal 90% Attendance For School Year


*Student time in classes with your teacher is VERY IMPORTANT - Your goal should be to avoid getting any NCA’s (No Credit Awarded) in any class.


*An NCA means the student has 4 or more absences in a class in the quarter. Remember students are only allowed to have 3 absences or less in the quarter. NCA means the student will not receive credit in that class due to attendance until the student completes the required learning that is needed with your teacher to recover that time.


*If a student has an NCA, the student needs to take care of fulfilling work for time within the quarter.  NCA will appear in PowerSchool if this is the case. 


*If a student has an NCA in any class, the student needs to visit Mrs. Vickery in the Attendance Office and pick up a NCA Learning Completion /WFT (Work For Time) Slip.  You will fill this slip out for each class you have an NCA in. 


*Meet with your teacher and your teacher will help determine what learning they have missed from you and complete the NCA Learning Completion/WFT Slip together.


*Students will have the opportunity to work for time on the learning the teachers need to see.

(Tuesday, Wed., Thurs. after school as well as Saturday school from 9:00-11:00)


*Once the student has finished the required learning for the teacher(s), the student will take the slip back to the teacher for a signature, they will then determine how many class periods of work for time you have made up.


Click here to see NSD Attendance Policy.