Online Student Registration

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REQUIRED ENROLLMENT/REGISTRATION for the 2023-2024 School Year is OPEN.  

If your child completed the 2022-2023 school year at any Nampa School District School, please register your students as a RETURNING STUDENT through your Parent PowerSchool Portal/Account (See document below for help to reset your password or create an account)

Students returning to the district will update typical information each year, including phone numbers, email addresses, emergency contacts, address, etc.   

You will then need to provide proof of residency (such as mortgage or rental agreement, power or gas bill).*Items that WILL NOT work as proof of residency include: medical bills or other bills, ID or drivers license, cell phone bill* If you are living with someone else and/or do not have a bill in your name, please talk to our Registrar, [email protected].

If you have moved, check your address here: online look up tool  to make sure you are still within the CHS boundaries.  If you are, please complete the online registration process and bring in or upload your NEW proof of residency.  If you ARE NOT in our boundaries, you will need to enroll in the school where you now reside, or apply for Open Enrollment: (HERE)