Welcome Letter

Welcome to Columbia High School

Columbia High School is the newest of Nampa’s three high schools, opening in 2006. Located on Happy Valley Road just north of Amity Road, we enjoy a unique rural setting surrounded by farms, newly established residential sub-divisions, and modern retail developments. We have access to modern technology in academic classrooms, a state-of-the-art auditorium and black box theater promoting of the performing arts, a spacious gymnasium and auxiliary gym, indoor walking track, a modern weight and training facility, and extensive outside playing facilities all supporting physical education and our extra-curricular athletic programs.

Instructional programs focus on the needs of all students’ learning. Freshman and sophomore students are schedule onto grade level teams. The first two years students are immersed into core content curriculum designed to prepare each student to successfully master rigorous standards and advance into their junior and senior years where they choose from a robust selection of core and elective courses, complete professional technical pathway programs, and/or accelerate in advanced courses. Students are in courses across their curriculum that integrate core literacy and numeracy taught by teachers who are especially collaborative and focused on standards integration across the disciplines.

School wide there is a healthy sense of safety and trust among the caring staff and students. We promote a growth orientation, life-long skills, learning to learn skills, and solid academic skills for future success in careers and college.