Creating a Resume

What is a Resume?
  • A document used by a person to display their background and skills.
When should a student start building a resume?
  • Freshman year
  • Start a resume and then update it regularly
What is a resume used for?
  • Applying for jobs
  • Background on resume can be used for Scholarships
  • Background on a resume can be used for College Admission
What can you do every year in high school to ensure you have a great resume upon entering your senior year?
  • Career & Technical Classes
  • Good Grades (GPA)
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Work Experience
  • Rigorous Courses (Honors/AP classes)
  • High SAT/ACT Scores
  • Dual Credit Classes
  • Extra Curricular Activities (Ex. Drama, Dance, Sports, Journalism, Student Government, etc.)
  • Honors/Awards
Where can I find help?
  • Click below for Resume Outline Information as well as the Resume Example.
  • Stop by the Career Center for help from Ms. Talbott or e-mail her at [email protected] to set up an appointment