College Application Week

2020 Dates: Nov. 2nd - 6th
This year, seniors will complete Idaho's College Application Week Tuesday and Thursday on their asynchronous day. The College Application Checklist can be found HERE.
Info about the Event: 
  • This event is provided across the state to help students become familiar with the college process whether they plan on going now or not. 
  • Some  students will receive training in other ways (work experience, apprenticeships, trade schools, military, etc.) which is great, but some students decide later to go to college and it will be a good thing they are familiar with the following tasks!
  • To have every senior fill out at least one college application. Let's beat Nampa and Skyview!
*Have your Social Security number as some out of state colleges may require it as well as the Idaho Opportunities Scholarship
TASKS to Complete during College Application Week:
  1. Complete at least one college application
    • If you have already done so let staff know 
      • Idaho has a common college application that is FREE!  You may use it for any Idaho Public or Private Institutions (CLICK HERE to APPLY)
        • USE A PERSONAL E-MAIL as your CHS e-mail will not be available to you once your graduate! 
        • You do not need your social security number but if applying for federal aid the school will ask for it at later date. Leave it blank if you don't know it!
        • You will need your EDU ID number 
          • This is NOT your school ID number! 
            • You have this number on the state portal if you have ever done dual credit under "Profile."
            • You can also ask Staff in the room for it
      • For out of state schools look on their website and use the search button and type in "Freshman Application"
  2. Create an FSA ID (CLICK HERE)
    • This is NOT your actual FAFSA, but just verifies who you are & is how you will sign the FAFSA. 
      • Your parent will need to do this at some point as well. 
        • Have them do it before FAFSA night!  
      • You will need your social security number as will your parent!
  3. Fill out the ID Opportunities Scholarship App.  (CLICK HERE)
    • If you currently have a 2.7 or higher fill out the general application then this specific scholarship.
    • You will need your social security number! 
      • Worth up to 3,500 a year if attending an Idaho College!
    • Click on "Apply" then click on "Register" and follow the prompts.
    • Don't forget to next fill out the short Idaho Opps Form after or you will not be done with the process!
  4. Fill out the paper Transcript Request From
    • Not on-line/half-sheet handout
      • Check the box for the Official College Transcript
      • College address is on the bottom of the college's website
  5. Submit the CAW Survey On-line (CLICK HERE)
  6. Take an "I Applied" picture (See Staff)
  7. Sign the "Sign out sheet only have you have completed ALL of the above steps. 
    • Sign your first and last name and the college(s) you applied to prior or today.
    • Last fill, out a raffle ticket with your first and last name only.
***If You Finish Early You May:
  • Take the following quick career assessment (CLICK HERE)
  • Work on scholarships
  • Work on other college applications
  • Work on the FAFSA (you will need your parents tax info.)
  • If you are not planning on college and have completed the tasks to become familiar with the process you may use the time to ask questions about or research other options.