NSD STEM Academy

If you are interested in joining the STEM Academy for the coming 23-24 school year, please ensure you do the following:
1. Select "Yes" on Class Choice for STEM before selecting courses
2. Select the STEM designated courses (see below for specific courses)
3. Look for a confirmation email in April of your acceptance into STEM in your school email
4. Get ready for an amazing year!
Courses Required in STEM by grade level:





- STEM Physical Science

- STEM English 1-2

- STEM Int. 1 OR STEM Int. 2

- Technology or Engineering Elective

- STEM Biology

- STEM English 3-4

- STEM Int. 2 OR STEM Int. 3

- STEM US History 1 OR AP World by approval

- STEM Intro to Scientific Research OR Chosen Science

- STEM English 5-6 or AP Language

- STEM US History or AP US History

- Chosen Math

- STEM Internship

- Chosen Science

- Chosen Math

Nampa School District's STEM Academy is designed to offer students the opportunities and motivation to best use their given talents in science, technology, engineering and math. Students who flourish in this program will be passionate about one or more of these areas and desire to be challenged to reach new heights in their own learning. Through a foundation of project-based learning, cross-curricular projects, and cohort classes focused on solving real-world problems, students will be inspired and prepared for majors and careers in STEM-related fields. 


STEM is open to all students in the Nampa School District who want to be involved in STEM-related projects. Seats are limited, but we do have openings at the beginning of each semester that open up.

If you are interested in more information, please click on the flyers below, both in English and Spanish, or reach out to Jazmine Martin at [email protected] 
Follow us on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/columbiastemacademy if you are a current STEM Academy student for updates.