Debunking College Myths

Debunking College Myths 
– Provided by Timothy A. Poynton, Ph.D., and Richard T. Lapan, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, ASCA Toolkit: Choosing a College When You Can’t Visit Campus
(A Guide for Students)

Myth 1: “The college I choose determines the next four years of my life.” 
Fact: Students can and do transfer from one college to another all the time. In fact, about one in three students transfer at least once before finishing a degree. Of course, it's easier if you do not transfer colleges.  Transferring may lead to lost credits and delay your graduation, for example, but to think you can't change your mind later is not helpful or accurate. 
*If you are working with an academic advisor from the school you are transferring to this will lessen this issue greatly.  
Myth 2: “I have to decide on a major before I get to college.”
Fact: Knowing what you want to study can be helpful, but it’s OK if you aren’t sure. Most colleges give you time to explore before formally declaring a major. About one in three students change their majors at least once.  In most majors,  you have time to explore and find out what you want to study and still graduate within four years, although some STEM majors are an exception.
*See article from Higher Education  CLICK HERE
Myth 3: “There is only one college that is right for me.”
Fact: There are many good colleges; making a college choice is a good problem to have. You are likely making a choice among many good options. You are more responsible for your success than the college you attend. You create your own success; the college does not create it for you. 
*See data from Dept. of Education CLICK HERE
Myth 4: “A college education is not worth the money.”
Fact: Most people with a bachelor’s degree earn $461 more each week than people with a high school diploma.  That's nearly $24,000 a year and nearly $1 million dollars across a 40-year career.  College is expensive, and we all wish it were cheaper, but it is a sound investment.
*See data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics CLICK HERE