Dual Credit

Dual credit programs provide the opportunity for high school students to earn college credits at reduced rates while still satisfying high school graduation requirements. These classes are college level classes.  They are more rigorous classes requiring more studying time at home than a regular high school class. Students receive a letter grade based on work completed during the duration of the class which will be reflected on a college transcript. Credits are transferable to Idaho colleges and universities, and many other institutions outside the state. For more information about transferring credits go to:

Course Transfer Idaho (Click Here)


(Credit and Payment)

 1.  How do I obtain dual credit (college/high school credit)?

Fill out a "dual credit application" for each individual college that your class is being offered
(Deadline announced each semester by colleges).
*If unsure of college and/or college class number please see the list of Dual Credit classes on this page below.

NNU application info (Click Here)

CSI application info. (Click Here)

BSU application info (Click Here)

U of I application info. (Click Here)

CWI application info. (Click Here)

2. How do I pay for a dual credit class (or AP exams, or other college class reimbursement) using the State Advanced Opportunities Funding?

*Individual students have $4125 dollars to use from 7th-12th grade toward dual credit and credit bearing tests such as AP. The funding cannot be used for ACT/SAT testing.

Request state funding online: 
(Deadlines are posted on the home page)  

a. If new to the portal "create an account" using an e-mail address on the Portal above. 
*Please remember to write down the password and e-mail used for future reference!

b. The information is then reviewed through the district, and if there are any errors the account could be "denied" until the information is corrected.

c. If "denied" go back into your account and check the following typical errors found on student accounts:

 *Birth Date is wrong

 *Duplicate accounts (can only have one account and you may have forgotten your parent created one or you did the prior year)                   

 *It is advised to use outside not district e-mail as sometimes e-mails bounce
 *Not going back in to get your e-mail sent by the portal after starting a new account to "verify" your account (verifies the e-mail is yours).

d. Once errors are fixed and the new account is approved you must go back in and click on "Request Funding" and follow the prompts in order.
*You must "request funding" separately for EVERY class. (Start with this step if you already have an account).

e.  Once finished click on "Previous Course Applications" and you will see the status of the classes you have requested funding for at this time.  
*If your class is not there you have not requested funding for that class.

f.  Participation Form: This additional form must be turned in to your teacher in order for your funding to be processed.  You may print one off of the following link or you may pick one up from your teacher or the career center.  
*You only need one Participation Form filled out for all classes.  
*If you filled it out Fall semester you need not do it again in the Spring. 
Participation Form On-line (Click Here)

3. If I get a bill from the college offering my class who do I contact? 

CWI: (208) 562-3149 
BSU:(208) 426-3294
CSI: (208) 426-3294
NNU:(208) 467-8373
U of I: (888) 884-3246

4.  If I am at risk for failing a dual credit class what should I do?

*Find out the drop date from your teacher for your specific class (will vary with each college).  If you drop in time you will not have the grade posted on your college transcript.  

*Important: If you do not drop the class in time and receive an F for a final grade this could affect your financial aid possibilities when you start college after high school. It will also affect any future advanced opportunities funding you request through the state. 

Questions Regarding Problems with the Portal? 

Contact Ms. Baeza, Career and College Advisor, [email protected] or in the College/Career Center B104

Advanced Opportunities General Info. (Click Here)

Dual Credit Class List 
(currently being updated)

ENGL 101: Introduction to College Writing:  3 credits:  Teacher: Mrs. Kimberly  Pixler
CSI 101:  AP Computer Science Principles: 3 credits:  Teacher:  Xeniya Kimball: Year long course

EQUIS 101: Equine Science:  Teacher:  Mrs. Janna Volkers
AGRI 109: Principles of Animal Science (Advanced Agriculture):  Teacher:  Mr. Pat Dixon
AGRI 109L:  Principles of Animal Science Lab (Advanced Agriculture Lab):  Teacher:  MR .Pat Dixon
ALLH 202: Introduction to Allied Health:  2 Credits:  Teacher:  Gayle Weatherby 
Intro to C.N.A. (Offered at Sky View High School)

ANAT 211 Anatomy and Physiology 1:  Fall 2017- 4 credits: Teacher:  Mrs. Jazmine Martin
ANAT 212 Anatomy and Physiology 2: Spring 2018: 4 credits:  Teacher:  Mrs. Jazmine Martin
ANAT 100:  Anatomy and Physiology (Human Structure and Function): Teacher:  Mrs. Jazmine Martin
POLS 101 (Political Science): AP US Government: 3 credits: Teacher: Mr. Robert Doering
HIST 111 (first term), HIST 112 (second term):AP US History: 3 credits per term (6 total credits): Teacher: Mr. Robert Doering
HIST 101 (first term), HIST 102 (second term): AP World History: Teacher:  Mr. Mark Haggard
BIOL-100  Concepts of Biology : 4 credits:  Teacher Tim Whitaker
BIOL-100L (O credits, Lab): Teacher: Mr. Tim Whitaker
MATH 143: College Algebra: Teacher: Mrs. Nicole Anderson
Math 144: College Trigonometry:  Teacher:  Mrs. Nicole Anderson
Math 170: CP Calculus: Teacher: Mrs. Nicole Anderson
CHEM 101: Intro to Chemistry:  Teacher:  Mrs. Linda Spencer
PSCY-101:  General Psychology:  Teacher:  Mr. Doug Ewing
ENGL 101: Into to College Writing: Teacher:  Mrs. Gina Davis
BIOL 120: Environmental Science (Not being offered for dual credit this school year 2017-2018)

COM 1210: Competitive Speech and Debate (3 credits): Teacher:  Mr. Jeff Stoppenhagen
ARDE 1760: Fundamentals of Photography: Teacher:  Mr. Terrrell Moffett
ARDE 2760: Photography 1: Teacher:  Mr. Terrrell Moffett
Spanish 1020: 4 credits: Teacher:  Mr. Nathan Spencer
Spanish 2020: Intermediate Spanish: 4 credits: Teacher:  Mr. Nathan Spencer
Math 1300: College Algebra: Teacher: Mr. Doug Smith
Math 1400: Trigonometry: 3 credits: Teacher: Mr. Doug Smith

U of I
ENGL 175: Intro to Lit. Genres (AP class) :  Teacher:  Mrs. Kirsti Cady