Mrs. Whitmore

Welcome to Distance Learning with Whitmore!


Nuts & Bolts: Time to be Real! We are learning together! Be flexible and think outside the box with me! Zoom, Youtube, and Remind are new to me too! Also—I will be home with my whole family during this time as you are with yours!  (For those that do not know I have 3 daughters—12, 8, and 3)    I will keep office hours for each class—please understand that I will not be answering questions outside the school day in order to take care of my family and maintain sanity.  😉  (they are screaming in the other room now as I type—don't worry, they’ll be fine too! 😉 )


Communication Cha Cha Cha:  I will do my best to keep you in the loop without inundating you with waves of messages.  I know my own inbox has EXPLODED this week with information—be aware of that if you are sending me the same message on multiple platforms—one will do ;)

REMIND APP: Make sure you have each of your classes—see codes below if you still need it.

SCHOOL EMAIL: Longer Info Dumps—check here for the latest from the school. Also any major class direction changes will be found here.

SUMMIT—see daily log under PLANS in our current project “Distance Learning”. Any links students need to view will be here (attendance Form, instructional links, zoom links, etc).

TEAMS—(this is part of the Office 365 suite—go to the waffle in upper left hand corner and drop down to Teams—or use email invite) Creative Writing Classes will chat via Teams to encourage writing cohort environment. Please keep all chatter APPROPRIATE—no swearing, etc.  We are more creative than that. ;)

ZOOM: This is how I will hold office hours for each class.  Tune in to get the day’s activities and in depth discussion of what we will be doing for the day.  See below for times.  New to Zoom?  Me too!  It is easy to do! I will send you an email invite the day of the Zoom—click on the link just before the meeting time (about 5 min early is fine) (don’t try to join earlier—our email “filters” your invitation away and makes it hard for you to find the link later).  When you click on the link—whether you are on a phone or a computer—it will download a Zoom Window and you can “join” the meeting!  (FYI—Zoom is a visual meeting—comb your hair, pants are not optional! 😉 )


Attendance: YES—we are doing attendance (lots of reasons—not going into that here .) I have to verify that you are getting the information and are tuned in.  I need YOU to engage and communicate for me to “count” you here.  How to be counted? I will post a daily Office 365 FORM labeled with the date. If you join the Zoom call—I will drop it in the chat and you can fill in it while we talk. Miss the Zoom?  Log into Summit and you will find the Form Link for the day under Plans.  Easy Peasy—we can do this!


How can you make this a Distance Learning Class?  OH!  😊  Do not underestimate me (or yourselves) my friends!  This is a CREATIVE TIME, it is time to look OUTSIDE THE BOX!  And all of you know that that is my forte (and yours too)!

We shall DISTANCE DANCE, LIVE & WRITE HISTORY, and BREATHE WELLNESS in this exciting time.


Thank you for your gracious patience as we embark on this adventure together!  We can do this and we can do it well! And though we are apart—we can do it together.

Open Minds Open Hearts and Open Dreams!


Now go hug your loved ones and take life one cup at a time!


Mrs. Whitmore


Remind Code

Zoom Call (office hour)

(Same for Wednesdays)

Yoga, Walk, Wellness


A days 8:30am

Social Dance II


A days 11:30am or 1:00pm

Creative Writing I


B days 9:30am

Creative Writing II


B days 11:30am

Ballroom Team


B days 1:00pm