This is my fifth year at Columbia High School. This year I will be teaching Freshman Physical Science and upper classman Chemistry in the Community. Below are a few classroom expectations that will allow us to utilize our classroom time together more efficiently. I look forward to a fantastic year! :)


My classroom expectations:

  1. Participation
    1. Check your school email frequently
    2. Enter a goal in Summit for class each day, based on daily assignment
      1. Complete the lesson plan
      2. Check off items on your goal page as you complete them
      3. Any goals not completed in class are your daily homework
    3. Engage in instruction time by
      1. Taking notes
      2. Removing earphones/headphones and hoodies
  2. Attendance
    1. Check teacher page if you are absent for what you missed in class
    2. Being absent doesn't excuse work due (unless specific arrangements have been made)
  3. Contact me via:
    1.  Email at [email protected]