Welcome to Mr. McEntee's Digital Classroom!

Hello All!
I will be communicating using my district email account, as well as a class remind. If you do not have the necessary information for remind please e-mail me. I will be using the Zoom tool as well as Teams for my classes for daily check-ins.
I will be putting daily agendas for my courses in the Team's app, and the agenda's will have links and other necessary information as well. I will also possibly be using One Note from the Microsoft Suite. You can see my class schedule in the screen shot file below.
Email: pmcentee@nsd131.org
Remind: email me at the above address, and I will send you the codes!
Please don't hesitate to contact me via email for questions and clarifications.
Communication will be essential moving forward. - Mr. McEntee
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Paul McEntee
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