Welcome to Mr. McEntee's Digital Classroom!

Hello All!
I will be communicating using my district email account, as well as a class remind (codes coming soon). If you do not have the necessary information for remind please e-mail me. I will be using the Zoom tool as well as Teams for my classes for daily check-ins.
1. Daily Schedule in Teams App!
2. Zoom meetings weekly - See links for this week below.
I will be putting daily agendas for my courses in the Team's app, and the agenda's will have links and other necessary information as well. You can see the bell schedule in the screen shot file below.
Please don't hesitate to contact me via email for questions and clarifications.
Communication will be essential moving forward. - Mr. McEntee
  • This week, we will be meeting on Zoom at the times below. Periods 1-4 occur Monday/ Thursday and Periods 5-7 will meet Tuesday/ Friday. Expect to be for about 30 minutes each class period.

8:30 AM 1st Period (Monday + Thursday)  -- Guitar - https://nsd131.zoom.us/j/461791659?pwd=aUdRM01vWCtGbkd4R2IrOUU2aGlMUT09

10:00 AM 2nd Period (Monday + Thursday) -- Jazz Band 1 - https://nsd131.zoom.us/j/582459158?pwd=dUVIazhaU2tBV0lLdVI5TUFpdnR5QT09

1:30 PM 4th Period (Monday +Thursday) -- Jazz Band 2 - https://nsd131.zoom.us/j/909330535?pwd=VTR2amp0TzdDMnlFTUVITWNFTUN4UT09

8:30 AM 5th Period (Tuesday + Friday) -- At East Valley

12:00PM 7th Period (Tuesday + Friday) -- Percussion - https://nsd131.zoom.us/j/683015420?pwd=NkIzQS9COW5SbFRlUmwvbTllSjRidz09

1:30 PM 8th Period (Tuesday + Friday) -- Winds - https://nsd131.zoom.us/j/445105339?pwd=SmRVTFVXTGkvcGlRUWlxNUlOWnFvQT09

Office Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays from 2:45 - 3:30 PM. You can email me or join me on Zoom
Texts: Remind. You should have been automatically added to remind. Please email me if you need to be added. 
The Remind app is the preferred form of communication (especially from you to me) that will likely give you the fastest response time. 
I will be sending announcements out on Remind as well.