Welcome to Ms. Martin's Digital Classroom!

Thanks for stopping by. Here is where you will find my classroom's daily schedule and how things are run in my room.
My classroom expectations for you digitally are the following:
1. Check your email at the beginning of regular class time, before the scheduled live meeting time (see image above).
2. Read the email sent from me (jmartin@nsd131.org) thoroughly so you know the plan for the day.
3. Enter a goal in Summit in the Week tab for our class, for that day, based on the lesson plan from my email.
4. Begin working.
5. Select the Zoom meeting link at the above scheduled time for your class. Participate in the chat appropriately (no foul language or crass conversations). Please let me know if you are not able to attend live Zoom for whatever reason.
6. Complete the lesson plan.
7. Check your goal off in Summit in the Week tab.
Need help? Don't hesitate to reach out via email. Our district has many resources still available for families and individuals in need.