Welcome to Mz. Martin's Digital Classroom!

Thanks for stopping by!
Wondering who I am and how to master my class? Here's a quick intro video:
Below is my classroom's daily schedule and how things are run in my room.
My classroom expectations for you digitally are the following:
1. Monday and Tuesday are for connecting face-to-face online during your specific class time. Be prepared to interact and connect via Zoom. Your attendance is required.
2. Wednesday - Friday are days to complete the work assigned to you at the beginning of the week. I will be available for questions and support during our class time via Zoom but most of these days you are not required to attend these Zoom sessions.
3. When you enter into our digital classroom via Zoom, please have your microphone muted, your video on, and be a professional participant in our class time.
This means that you should be following all school policies and dress code expectations. It will help you to have a dedicated space to learn in and to get up, get dressed, and get ready for school just as if we were in person.
Need help? Don't hesitate to reach out via email. Our district has many resources available for families and individuals in need.