Welcome to Multimedia!

I'm glad you are here! I have been planning and preparing for your arrival to Multimedia and am thrilled to spend this semester with you! We are going to take an adventure through multiple means of communication. From social media to formal presentations and manipulating images while telling a different story to thoughtful logo designs, we are going to have a lot of fun together!
This is a student ran organization that competes in a variety of business events from Nampa to DisneyWorld, serves our community and builds relationships in school!
Suggested- Connect to a Nampa middle or high school internet (this is best):
On the bottom left of your screen, search Software Center>Apps>Open>Creative Cloud>Install.
Alternative- Connect to home internet (could take HOURS):
On the bottom left of your screen, search Company Portal>Apps>Creative Cloud>Install.
There is a possibility you will need to reset your password. It's not you-it's Adobe ;)
Use your school email address and click- reset password. 
When signing into your account with the new password, choose PERSONAL account and not School/Enterprise. 
Make sure all work is saved in the Creative Cloud and not on your laptop or home computer. The Creative Cloud has a great deal of storage for you. Saving it elsewhere will use up the memory on the device.
call: (208) 468-4777
Remind Codes:
Period 1A- @
Period 1B- @
Period 3A- @
Period 3B- @
Period 4A- @
Period 4B- @
Attendance will be demonstrated by student engagement in Zoom live sessions during scheduled period for Multimedia, goal setting in Summit, and work submitted in Summit. 
Approval for content assessments will take place when the correlating project in Summit has been completed. 
*Notes taken and shown to instructor during live Zoom Classroom chats will be verified to repeat a PFA.


Sept. 3/4- Learn Techniques 1.04

Summitleraning.org Year tab Multimedia Project- Epic Creations Checkpoint 2- Learn Techniques 1.04