English 3/4

For Details on Assignments/Grades log in to Summit Learning.  summitlearning.org




My classroom expectations for you digitally are the following:


  1. Check your email at our scheduled meeting time.


  1. Read the email sent from me shendrix@nsd131.org thoroughly so you know the plan for the day.


  1. Select the Zoom meeting link. Participate in the chat appropriately (no foul language or crass conversations).


  1. Enter a goal in Summit in the Week tab for our class, for that day, based on the lesson plan from my email.


  1. Complete the lesson plan.


  1. Check your goal off in Summit in the Week tab.

Attendance Policy:  (beginning March 31)

Once we transition to distance learning, students are still required to attend/participate. Students MUST check their email and Remind messages regularly! Attendance will be demonstrated by student engagement in Zoom live sessions, goal setting in Summit, and work submitted in Summit. If students do not display these engagement practices, they will be marked absent. 


Online Office Hours: (beginning March 31)

Tuesdays/Thursdays 3:00-4:00 p.m.

*contact via Zoom live sessions, Remind text messaging, and/or email


Online PFA Procedures:

During our Distance Learning phase (starting March 31) there will be a few changes in policy in terms of Summit.  Only your content area teacher can approve a Focus Area Test; your mentors cannot approve a Focus Area Test.


Distance learning will involve the approval of content assessments. Assessments will be approved if the following conditions are met, no exceptions:

*Proper notes are shown to the instructor via Zoom live sessions or email

*A passing diagnostic test is shown in Summit



Remind Codes:(for text/email reminders)

















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