First week for Girls Athletic Fitness/Team Sports/Health/Mentoring

Good morning!
I am so excited to get to "see" and "meet" all of you on Monday/Tuesday! We are going to do the best we can and please know I am here to help in any way. 
Please look for an email from me before your scheduled class period, that will give you a zoom link to join for your class period. 
Monday/Tuesday- we will be saying hi! And building community within our class. 
Wednesday- we will say hi! Do some community building and go over what mentoring on Wednesdays will look like. 
Thursday/Friday- We will continue doing this as well as going over expectations and give you an idea of what our class will look like. 
Below is my class schedule so you have an idea of what I will be doing.
1- Girls Athletic Fitness
2- Team Sports
3- Team Sports
5- Girls Athletic Fitness
6- Health
7- Health
I will specifically be available to help from 745-815 M/T/TH/F
and from 130-230 M/T/TH/F