Distance Learning

Students and Parents, 
 I am preparing to teach via technology given the possibility that we are asked to stay in our homes rather than come back to school,
Step one in preparation of this process is to be able to communicate with you quickly and efficiently.
To do this, our administrators here at Columbia High School have suggested we use Remind.com as our primary 'push out' information tool.
Please download the Remind.com app to your phone and/or computer.
After you have downloaded the app, use the code below to join Spanish 1 with Profe Collins.
Code -  k4fhd9
Thank you.
Power Focus Areas - If students do not return to school, Distance Learning will begin.  During "class" time, students will be given opportunities to take PFA assessments.  Students should study for their PFA assessments by using the Resource Link that has been provided to them.  Studying the Resource Link should happen PRIOR to students attempting to take any PFA.