Carlile's Distance Learning Landing Page

Please find important information concerning the transition of my courses from face-to-face to distance learning.  As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via email or Remind.
Online Office Hours:  (beginning March 31)
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 3pm to 4pm
*contact via Zoom live sessions, Remind text messaging, and/or email.
Courses Taught:
*Integrated Math 1 (Remind Link:
*Integrated Math 2 (Remind Link:
*Integrated Math 3 (Remind Link:
*Mentoring             (Remind Link:
Attendance Policy:
Once we transition to distance learning, students are sill required to attend/participate.  Students MUST check their email and Remind messages regularly!  Attendance will be demonstrated by student engagement in Zoom live sessions, goal setting in Summit, and work submitted in Summit.  If students do not display these engagement practices, they will be marked absent.
Zoom Live Sessions:
The Zoom live sessions will be during regularly scheduled class times.  I will send out the invites to the sessions the day before via email.  Links to the Zoom classes will also be posted as assignments under the classes below.
Online PFA Procedures:
Distance learning will involve the approval of content assessments.  Assessments will be approved if the following conditions are met, no exceptions:
*Proper notes are shown to the instructor via Zoom live sessions
*Diagnostic has been passed
*Note that if you have failed an assessment three times, I will require additional learning that will, at the least, include help from me during office hours.