Selection Process

Selection Process
The following is a summary of the process used by the Faculty Council of the Columbia Chapter of the National Honor Society for the selection of students for membership.

  1. Academic Eligibility: The first step in the process is the review of a student’s academic records. In order to be eligible for selection to National Honor Society, a student’s cumulative grade point average, or GPA, must be at least 3.60.
  2. Candidate Notification: Once a student has been determined to be academically eligible, they will be notified by letter that they are now considered a candidate for National Honor Society. Academic eligibility does not guarantee election to the National Honor Society. Each Candidate must then complete the Student Information Form and submit it by the designated deadline. 
  3. Review: Candidate forms and recommendations will then be reviewed by the Faculty Council and the council will deliberate each candidate. The Faculty Council will review students according to four criteria: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. The Faculty Council will then vote on whether or not a student should be elected.
  4. Report to Principal: The results of the Faculty Council’s deliberation and voting will be reported to the principal by the chapter adviser. A full list of selected and non-selected students as well as reasons for selection or non-selection will be submitted to the principal for final approval.
  5. Notification of Selected Members: Selected candidates and their parents will be formally notified of their selection. Information on the time and date of induction will also be provided in this notification.
  6. Verification and Induction: Selected students will be verified and inducted into the National Honor Society at a formal induction ceremony that will be open to the school as well as friends and family. Upon induction, the full benefits of being a member of the National Honor Society will be bestowed upon inducted members.