Student DEVICES are DUE after your last Final
Cap and Gowns will be Delivered on Wednesday, May 2nd and Thursday, May 3rd during Lunch.  Haven't ordered yours yet?  Order NOW! 
Call 866-238-5336 or email

Columbia High School Class of 2018

Graduation will be held on Friday, May 25th at 7:30 pm at the Idaho Center


 A few things to know:
  1. All Seniors will have their senior drape/tux picture for the yearbook taken in October.  The dates are scheduled for Thursday, October 19th & Friday, October 20th during Government Class.  Retakes/Make-ups are scheduled for Thursday, November 30th.  There is no cost for this, however there will be a picture packet sent home with the option to purchase.  Many students like to use these pictures for their graduation announcements.
  2. All Seniors will be measured for caps & gowns.  This will take place in mid-October.  Packets will be given out for caps/gowns and announcements.  An order due date will be given, which is around Spring Break, so there is plenty of time to plan and save.  It is very important that ALL SENIORS are measured for a cap & gown, even if they don't think they will be graduating.  
  3. ALL fines, fees, books, equipment, etc. must be paid in full, and turned in before graduation.  There will be a senior check-out day in which all seniors go through a check-out process and if everything is not checked in and all fines are not paid in full (this means even those fees from way back in 9th grade - yes we keep track), they will not be walking at graduation.  Graduation is expensive, so it's best to start paying off those fines throughout the year.  Payment plans are available.  
  4. There will be a lot of items due during the last 6-8 weeks before graduation.  If you do not have your email in PowerSchool, please call the school and make sure we have it.  If you do not get the ParentLink emails, please call the school so we can get you on that list.  There will be many emails going out letting you know what is due, such as baby pictures for the slide show at graduation (you do not want to miss out on that).  There will be emails about upcoming dates, such as senior picnic, graduation practices, and many other events (you do not want to miss those updates).  Seniors have a lot going on, and they may forget about things, so as parents, you may want to get those updates as well.  
  5. Project Grad will need parent volunteers.  The way to get involved is through the Boosters.  Project Grad is the overnight party after graduation.  It is a safe, drug & alcohol free party with lots of food, prizes and fun.  It's been held at Wahooz the past couple years with great success.  However, there has not been a lot of help, so if you have some time, please contact:
  6. Now, get ready for this year to speed by.  Enjoy the last year of high school with your student!  You've done a GREAT job, but it's almost over - so get ready for the big day.