Physical Form

It is required all students complete a history and physical examination prior to his/her first 9th and 11th grade practice in the interscholastic (9-12) athletic program in the State of Idaho. The exam is at the expense of the student and may not be taken prior to May 1 of the 8th and 10th grade years. This examination is to be done by a licensed physician, physician's assistant, or nurse practitioner under optimal conditions. 

Health Examination & Consent Form (click here)
*Must take this form with you (filled out and signed by parent/guardian) to Physical Examination

Interim history forms are required during the 10th and 12th grade years and must be submitted to the school administration prior to the first practice.

Interim Questionnaire & Consent Form (click here)

 Physical Form (click here)

*ASB Fee - $35/year (one time fee per year)
*Transportation Fee - $50/sport (this fee is per sport)
All fees can be paid in the Front Office, online, or by calling the office at 208-498-0571.