Websites with Scholarships Lists:

CIS (Career Information System) Idaho
*CIS has hundreds of scholarships listed on the website by category

Sallie Mae Scholarship Search

Horatio Alger Career & Tech Scholarship

List of National Scholarships       

Idaho State Board of Education Scholarships

UNIGO Scholarship List (Click Here)

Individual Scholarships

US Bank Scholarship:
 (Click Here): Due 10/27/2017

Wrap it Up Scholarship (Click Here) - December 31 (1 Award - $1,000)

Knight Essay Scholarship (Click Here)- December 31 (3 Awards - $5,000)

CrossLites Scholarship (Click Here) - Usually around December 31 (27 Awards - $4,000)

Illustrators of the Future Scholarship (Click Here) - See website but usually around January 1

SP Scholarship (Click Here) - See website but usually around December 31 (10 Awards - $10,000)

VIP Scholarship (Click Here) -  (1 Award - $5,000)

YDI Scholarship (Click Here) Check website (1 Award - $1,000)

Scholarship Guidance (several scholarships available) (Click Here)

Questbridge Scholarship (for students admitted to schools such as Stanford, Harvard, Yale, etc.) (Click Here)

CWI Foundation Scholarship (Click Here)

Most colleges and universities have scholarships available. These are called "Institutional Scholarships". These scholarships may be based on merit (academic achievement), talent, or a variety of other factors. Click on the link to the university you plan to attend for information about that institution's scholarships. 

Boise State University- due Feb 15th                 NNU Scholarship

University of Idaho Due Dec. 1st                               College of Idaho

Lewis Clark State College-Due March 1            College of Western Idaho

Idaho State University                                                     College of Southern Idaho